Introducing the all new Lucid Panacea soundhole pickup



The Lucid Panacea soundhole pickup is a combination of true handcraftsmanship and ultra modern engineering. We use computer-guided coil-winding to create two calibrated air coils with an arched top to match your string elevation. Set within each coil is a high grade Neodymium magnet. With our CNC router we mill the casing out of handpicked hardwoods, which are then hand finished.


Introducing Zero-Effect Grounding. Easy to install. No drilling required.


Our pickups are easy to install and calibrate to each string’s volume. Not only do they look great, they are all pure tone! Your steel string guitar deserves only the best sounding pickup available. The Lucid Panacea is a pickup that adds no distortion, no hum and realistically captures the sound of your guitar while emphasising the dynamics of your playing.


The Lucid Panacea comes as a complete package

The Lucid Panacea comes with an endpin jack input and Zero-Impact grounding attached.
Making Installation easy, just install the endpin jack, place the grounding strip under the pegholes, plug in and enjoy the definition and clarity your guitar always had but never showed.

No need for a pre-amp the Lucid Panacea is loud enough for any guitar. Freeing you from batteries for ever!

The Lucid Clearbuckers coming soon to a guitar near you


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